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NFT Trading Developer Tools

The ultimate toolkit for accessing NFT data and integrating trading functionality into your app.

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Multi-chain and aggregated from all major marketplaces
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Building Blocks for your NFT product


Build any app with real-time access of any NFT data you could want using our simple GraphQL API to retrieve uniformly formatted NFT data across chains

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NFT Trading SDK

Create liquidity into your app across every marketplace & orderbook with a few lines of code using our Typescript NFT Trading SDK

Currently supported on Aptos and Sui



Copy Code Snippets all across TradePort


Everything you need, all in one place

  • Instant Sell — aggregated bids

  • Custom Fees — set your own fees

  • Real-Time Activity — every event

  • Bulk List — list multiple NFTs at once

  • Profit/Loss — including USD values

  • Accurate Floors — never miss a good flip

  • Buy & Sweep — add liquidity with ease

  • Media & Metadata — up to date info

  • Royalties — automatically calculated

  • Place Bids — on any NFT

  • Wallet Stats — realized & unrealized gains

  • Collection Stats — volume, sales, & more

  • Transfer & Claim — with ease

  • True Ownership — staking included

  • Historical Floors — every floor change


A simple development toolkit with endless possibilities

Marketplace Use Case

Marketplaces & Trading

Leverage Tradeport to build a premiere custom NFT marketplace, satisfying your data and trading needs
Marketplace Use Case

Wallets & Portfolios

Add NFT functionality to your wallet or porfolio with accurate data and smart contract interactions
Marketplace Use Case

Analytics Tools

Access real-time and historical NFT market data, including sales, bids, floors, stats, and metadata


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KC Rise nft indexer investor
Aptos Foundation nft indexer partner
Sui Foundation nft indexer partner
Stacks Foundation nft indexer partner
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Mysten Labs nft indexer partner
Pontem Network nft indexer partner

Integrate NFT functionality with ease

Any NFT data and trading functionality are just a few keystrokes away. Get started building today for free.